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Ultimate Kitty Cleanser

The Ultimate Kitty Cleanser is an extra strength herbal douche used to help address vaginal dryness, BV (Bacteria Vaginosis), irregular discharge, infections, odor, general care and so much more! This extra strength herbal douche will have you feeling brand new, fresh, and extra juicy after use.

✨Includes 2 plastic douche bottles.

Self Care instructions:

1. Before use shake very well.

2. Pour into the plastic douche bottle which is provided with packaging. 

3. For best results warm up douche by letting it sit under hot or warm water for up to 3-5 minutes. Make sure it is warm enough to use and not hot. 

Each glass bottle contains enough fluids for 2 uses. Please only pour when ready to use. Because it is 100% natural it must be stored in the amber glass bottle and refrigerated. The shelf life of the douche is 3 months when store properly. 

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